The museum yearbook of 2019 has been published

The collection of articles on various topics regarding archaeological research, history of the Dobele castle and the history of Dobele in the 20th Century can be viewed on the museum website under the column "Publications".

A printed copy can be purchased at the museum (13,63 EUR).

Permanent exhibition "Once Upon a Time in Dobele"

The exhibition tells the story of the history of Dobele and it's residents from prehistory to the mid-20th century.

The story focuses on several important topics in the development of Dobele: the Dobele hillfort as the first continually inhabited spot in the area of the current town; personalities of importance and their contribution in areas such as improvement of healthcare in Dobele, development of schools, organization of religious life.

Exhibit "Collection of Early 20th Century Greeting Cards"

Throughout the year 2020 visitors can view an exhibit of the museum's greeting card collection. The theme of the exhibit changes bimonthly - in February and March birthday and name day greeting cards are displayed. The months of April and May will be dedicated to Easter; June and July to the Latvian Midsummer festival; from September to November greeting cards with themes of nature will be displayed; December will be dedicated to winter holidays such as Christmas and New Years.